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In the beginning was the Word…

Dear sister,

I firmly believe that with the power of words we can create the life we want.

Like most Eastern Europeans during Communism, I grew up poor, in a noisy and grey apartment building, on the 5th floor, with a lot of dreams for a better life, for escape from poverty and for freedom, and they all seemed hopeless.

But my mother believed. And she encouraged me day after day: “You can do everything you want” , “All doors are open for you” “You are the best”, “You will succeed with everything”, “You can do it!”. She repeated it so many times that it became a part of me. I know for sure that her words created the life I have today.


Many years later I began noticing women, who went through their day without hearing words of encouragement nor words of love. They felt invisible.  They did not believe they were beautiful, or that they could create a better life. Or – they just needed a little push – to dare start the business they always wanted, to leave or change a situation they were in.  And I wanted so much to tell them “yes, you can do it” “yes, you are strong”, you are loved”.

So I engraved these messages in medical steel and crafted beautiful adjustable bracelets with natural gemstones and strong colours for strong women. I wanted them to feel luxurious and comfortable, and that you can take them to the gym, even to swimming and shower. The inspirational gemstone bracelets will remind you that you can create a better life for yourself.

Hope you enjoy wearing them  as much as I do creating them.



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