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In the beginning was the Word…

Dear sister,

I firmly believe that words have the power to create the life we want.

Like most Eastern Europeans during Communism, I grew up poor, in a noisy and grey apartment building, on the 5th floor, with a lot of dreams for a better life, for escape from poverty and for freedom, and they all seemed hopeless. When I was little, it was impossible to even imagine that my life would one day will be any different.

But my mother believed. And she repeated to me day after day: “You can do everything you want” , “You are the best”, “You will succeed with everything”, “You can do it!”. She repeated it so many times until I not only believed it, but it became a part of me. I know for sure that her words created the life I have today.


We, women, have to play many roles: a mother, a partner, a friend, party organiser, employee or entrepreneur. We have to take care of kids, work, take care of the house, cook and wash, exercise, look presentable and smile… And how often do we hear words that can transform our lives, that can create for us the life we want?

During one day filled with errands, caring for others, and work, how often do we hear how beautiful, strong and capable we are, how loved we are? How often do we hear words of encouragement and “I believe in you”, “You can do it”, “I love you”, “Mama, you are the best!”?

With beautifully crafted bracelets that speak to us during the day, I wanted to tell us, women, words of inspiration and words of love. Thinking about taking jewellery on or off is not our main priority during our stressful days, so I crafted them for the active lifestyle: with natural gemstones and engraved stainless steel, strong and adjustable. I decided on imperial jade, marine blue lazurite and black onyx. The bracelets do not tarnish nor fade an you can wear even to sports, swimming and shower, the steel is not easy to scratch.

I want to welcome you to our community of women committed to use the power of words to create the life we want. Get in touch with me to share your story and we will publish it in our inspirational blog.


Gergana is happily married and lives on her estate on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, with her husband, three children and her mother.


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